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    1 = Welcome Confidence Trac = 
     1= Welcome to Confidence Wiki = 
    3 Here will be a short description of the project. 
     3The aim of '''CONFIDENCE''' is to develop a community-based mobility safeguarding assistance service for people suffering from mild to moderate dementia. '''CONFIDENCE''' combines ''assistive technologies'' with ''personal help''. The '''CONFIDENCE''' service is built around a '''virtual companion''' providing different levels of assistance, depending on the situational needs of the patient and the degree of orientation loss. The service is supplemented with personal help from family members, staff of home care agencies and/or trusted volunteers. 
     5== Project Overview == 
     6'''CONFIDENCE''' offers a location-augmented voice channel (care persons are able to assist lost patients with voice instructions in order to bring them back to well-known places), a virtual video channel (clients are able to see a trusted care person for creating a sense of confidence and security), a location tracking service (with the client’s consent the person can be automatically tracked on an electronic map while being on the move), and finally, a mobile care service (allowing care persons to be mobile themselves while instructing their clients). To keep service costs low, a credits system based on emerging mobile payment technologies will be established. To ensure a high acceptance of '''CONFIDENCE''', end users (people with dementia, family members, professionals from home care agencies and trusted volunteers) will be involved in all phases of the projects. 
     8From a technical point of view, the expected outcome of '''CONFIDENCE''' is a mobility safeguarding assistance service running on a smartphone. It consists of a location-augmented voice service, a virtual video service, a location tracking service and a mobile community service. The technical solution is supplemented by an innovative, cooperative service model, which involves all relevant stakeholders of home care. '''CONFIDENCE''' aims at designing, implementing, testing and validating the technical solution as well as the service model.  
     10== Contact == 
     14'''Contact Person''' 
     15Cornelia Schneider 
     17Tel: +43/662/2288-418 
     18Jakob Haringer Straße 5/3 
     19A-5020 Salzburg